Learn why most online shoppers tend to walk away from your store without making a purchase – especially on their first visit. See how you can use product labels to engage these shoppers and nudge them towards making a purchase decision faster.

The average attention span of an internet user is about 5 to 8 seconds. That’s all the time that you have from the point a shopper discovers your brand and lands on your store to nudge them to make a purchase.

Let’s take for example, how you would typically look for a product.

You head over to the search engine and type in the product name and look for online stores that you can purchase from.

Based on online reviews and the range of products displayed, you select one and visit the store. Your hope is to be able to find the product you’re looking for – almost instantly.

But what you come across are tens of product variations of what you were looking for. So how do you know which one to buy out of all those options?

How do you know which another shopper like you would choose?

Going through each product variation’s page is out of the question. You don’t have that much time and there’s no salesperson to tell you what’s ‘popular’.

Normally, you would drop off and decide on making that purchase later. Because now you want to think about it.

As a shopper, that’s great. But as an online store owner, you just lost a sale!

That’s where product labels come in.

What are product labels?

They are like “virtual stickers” that are added to your online products to call attention to special offers/ information about a product.

In other words, these are tiny stickers that can create various types of emotions while looking at the product. One of the major emotions is – Urgency! So, if you see a ‘Buy Now Goes Fast’ label on a product, the next thing you’ll get is curiosity. Questions will arise – What’s so special about the product that people are buying it so much? What if I don’t buy it and it goes out of stock?. As a result, they will click on the product and to check it out. And hence, your chances of selling just went up. 🙂

buy now product labels

Another emotion that product labels/ badges can make your customer feel, is – Assurance. Product labels like ‘Most Popular’, ‘BestSeller’, & ‘Trending Now’ can generate a feeling of affirmation that the product has been liked by the audience and is worthy of their thorough look at it. How many times did you, yourself, have felt that?

most popular product labels

Curiosity and assurance both are relevant as well as NECESSARY for today’s buyers.

Why? First, your buyers don’t have time to check out each and every one of your products, and you know that. Hence, you need to give them relevant information in a limited time.

Second, and a very crucial one, the attention span of your customers is between 5-8 sec. That’s too low! If you need to grab their attention and engage them to stay on your store then product labels are one of the definite ways to do it.

But, do they work?

Research says that product labels can:

  • Increase your conversion rate by 13-15%
  • Boost your customer engagement by 148%

How do product labels increase Shopify store conversions?

In a nutshell, Product labels & badges work as subtle nudges on the shopper to take the desired action, which leads them to buy the product and hence results in higher conversion rate.

Just like site-wide banners, product labels have already proven their worth by bringing the shopper’s attention to a specific item. Here’s what they do –

1. Helps capture short attention spans

A website user’s attention span lies somewhere around eight seconds. So if a potential buyer comes to your store, 8 sec is not enough to know about a product – let alone buy it. Online shoppers have 100s of options making them get distracted easily and leading your conversion rate to fall down!

That’s where Product labels and badges come into the picture – They capture your shopper’s attention, instantly. With clear call-out texts on images, it breaks the usual monotony and engages the audience.

More Engagement = More Sales!

capture attention with product labels

2. Gives immediate context on what you’re promoting

Remember the feeling when you see something and instantly understand the context? This is what your customers want and will get through product labels and badges.

Product labels use clear-cut call-out text that immediately gives context to the shopper. If a product is looking at a ‘buy one get one’ deal, the product label clearly says ‘BOGO’. They can then browse through the rest of the product category to see other products labelled with BOGO to add to their cart.

The immediate context helps shoppers find products easily and gets you more sales.

immediate context with product labels

3. Nudges shoppers to make a purchase decision faster

Let’s take an example of a shopper (probably a fashionista, nowadays who isn’t?) who is on an apparel store. So, she sees a blue hot dress that she likes and immediately these thoughts pop in her head –

“I will buy it when it is on sale”, “let me see if the same dress is at a lower price on the store’s competitor” or “it’s not like the price is gonna change anytime soon, so maybe I can come back later and buy it”.

And this ‘come back later’ my friend – rarely happens, causing you to lose sales even on awesome products. Sad, right?! 🙁

With product labels, you can create a sense of urgency around your products and nudge this indecisive shopper to ‘quickly’ make a purchase decision. Product labels like ‘Buy Now Goes Fast’ does the trick perfectly or you can also use ‘Deal of the Day’.

nudge faster purchase decisions with product labels

Now, after seeing the label,  that customer will think, “So if I don’t buy this dress, I may never see it again.” This tendency is known as FOMO- fear of missing out and works even better if your target audience includes millennials.

4. Highlights what products are on sale/ discount

People love SALE! There’s no doubt about it and it’s proven that people buy more products on sale compared to other products.

Now all you need to do is bring the sale to your shopper’s attention. For this, you’ll either run targeted ads leading to specific product pages or create a new page to display all the items on sale.

But what if you can do this in minutes, without all the hassle?! With product labels, you can do just that. All you need to do is add an ‘on sale’, ‘clearance’, ‘on discount’ product label – and those products will instantly capture attention on any page of your Shopify store. Well, it will certainly catch mine.

highlight products on sale with stickers

5. Helps you cross-sell smartly with recommendations

What, generally, happens when you’re looking for a shirt in a brick and mortar store? You hear someone say “hello ma’am/ sir” behind you, who’s it? It’s the fashion expert sales guy who will recommend you a pair of formal pants or even a belt that would go with it. That my friend is cross-selling for you and you can absolutely do it on your Shopify store as well!

With product labels, you can simply add a ‘recommended’ or ‘frequently bought together’ label to products from complementing categories. This helps you set up a quick cross-sell without being too pushy about it.

For instance, if the shopper is looking for a shirt, you can highlight the most-selling pair of pants with a ‘recommended’ or frequently bought together’ label to show up on the product page. This helps the shopper discover more relevant products according to their needs and helps you cross-sell smartly.

upsell and cross-sell with product labels

6. Increases your average order value

From the above points, you now already know that product labels help you create a sense of urgency and FOMO, highlight online exclusives and even cross-sell products with recommendations. These actions will lead your shoppers to buy more resulting in an obvious increase in your average order value.

For example, a shopper comes to your store looking for a party dress and adds an item to the cart. She sees another dress labelled as ‘Most-Popular’ that will look good on her for the after-party event. So, you’ve just made the shopper’s decision easier to purchase the other dress as well!

increase aov with product stickers

7. Upgrades your store design

How many times did you watch a tv series or a movie that wasn’t engaging? Your store is just like them, it needs to be better looking for your customers not to get bored and leave.

Cool and pretty product labels can make you avoid that scenario totally. It gives your store that beautiful makeover that will make your visitor check out more and adds a whole new personality to your store, creating a positive impression of your brand.

Adding product labels to even a few products can give your Shopify store a fresh look. Imagine having to browse through rows and rows of products across different stores – it’s the same experience, every single time.

upgrade store design with labels and stickers

While creating lookbooks and publishing blogs is a great way to keep content fresh, they don’t change what shoppers are ‘seeing’ or interacting with on the storefront. Reaching out to a designer or a developer every day is also out of the question and time-consuming.

How to get started with product labels?

Now typically, a Shopify store would reach out to a design agency or a designer to remove product backgrounds, add product labels to the images and then a developer to update the changed images on your storefront.

The conventional approach is time-consuming, making it impossible to update the storefront content all too frequently.

But what if we say that you don’t need such a tedious process to update your Shopify store?

Introducing ModeMagic.

ModeMagic is a smart Shopify automation app that lets you add visually-appealing product labels to images and display them across your store.

Right from ‘Selling Fast’, ‘On sale’, ‘Popular’ to ‘Online Exclusives’ and more, you can remove image backgrounds and add call-to-actions to product images with custom made product labels in minutes. It helps you make your products stand out, grab attention and nudge shoppers to purchase them.

1. Install the ModeMagic app

Create an account on ModeMagic by installing the app from the Shopify App Store. You can get it here.

2. Select the product you want to add labels to

The app automatically pulls a list of your products to it. From the left-hand column, you can search and select the products you want to add product labels to.

product labels - select the product images

3. Choose the product label you want to add

From a collection of custom product labels shown at the bottom of the dashboard, choose one that suits your promotion the best. Right from online exclusives, flash sales, BOGO, on sale, discounted, most-loved to more, there’s a product label for everything!

product labels - select the sticker

4. Choose if you want to remove your background (or not!)

Product labels stand out the most when you remove the background from your product images. But if you choose to keep them, simply toggle the switch to ‘No’.

remove background to add product labels

5. Hit ‘Update Store’

Once you have added the product label that best explains your promotion or the deal you’re offering, simply hit save and upload to the store. ModeMagic automatically pushes out the updated product images to your storefront. So you’re done in minutes!

product labels updated to store

And you’re done! Using product labels on your Shopify store doesn’t get any easier than this.

For the complete step by step on using ModeMagic – Product Labels, please read here.

Do you need product labels?

If you ask us, the answer is YES.

The attention span of internet users is dropping by the day. But the competition for attention – especially in the eCommerce industry, is increasing every single day!

You need to find a way to not just ensure great products, but also a fresh and engaging shopping experience to consumers. It’s your way of making an impression, giving shoppers something to look forward to and helping them make an informed purchase, faster.

And product labels help you do exactly that!

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