Last year in April, I was setting up my home. The basics – a bed, a couch, a table, some curtains, and my kitchen set. Not once did I ever step outside to get these. My parents found this very odd. “How can you shop for everything online? How can you trust?”, they’d ask. 

Well, fast forward a year – this year, not just me, every person around the world (including my parents) is ordering everything online. But the problem still persists. How do you know what to buy? The number of options available online are insane – so how do you decide what you should or should not pick?

This is the same problem that every e-store owner faces – big or small. In the absence of a real-life store and a friendly sales guide, how can they showcase their featured products in an eye-catching manner? That’s where we come in – ModeMagic.


Our idea was simple – businesses are moving online and that’s a reality that’s here to stay. So we need to come up with a way that makes it easier for a merchant to highlight their best products and for shoppers to decide faster. We designed ModeMagic so that online store owners could add labels to show their recommended products or specific features like ‘Gluten Free’ or ‘Pet Friendly’.


All this, in 3 simple steps – select a product, then the label of your choice, and just hit Apply Changes. The store gets updated instantly! We do understand that our users would want labels that go well with their themes. After all, every store wants to maintain its unique identity, no? So we have an ever-growing sticker library and a number of features that give them more power to customize.


So try it out, would you? And tell us what you think. We love to listen. 🙂

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