Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are product labels?

Product labels are like mini-banners that help you highlight your products on sale, best-selling products, fast-selling product and more.

02 Do I need product labels?

The average attention span of an internet user has dropped to 8 seconds only. If you want to grab their attention and nudge them to make a purchase – YES, you do need product labels.

03 Is adding product labels easy?

YES. At ModeMagic, we have turned it into an easy 3-steps process – select the image, choose the product label and click on ‘save and update to store’.

04 How do I install the ModeMagic app?

Go to the Shopify app store. Search for us using ‘ModeMagic – Product Labels’ or click this link: ModeMagic – Product Labels Click on ‘Add App’ to install the app on your store.

05 What formats of photos do you accept?

We accept all kinds of photo formats. Don’t worry if the formats of each photo are different – we will get you the exact same formats while delivering the labeled photos back to you.

06 Does this app edit bulk images?

YES. Our little monster loves working on images for you. The more the better!

07 Do I need to upload the new images on the store myself?

No, ModeMagic auto-updates the new image with the product label to your storefront at the exact same place where your old image was. You do not need to download your new images and do this manually.

08 What are image credits?

Image credits are like your in-app points. For each credit, you can create one image with a product label. So if you have 10 credits, you can get 10 images from ModeMagic!

09 What do I do when my image credits are over?

We offer a free plan with 10 image credits. When your credits are over, you can ‘add credits’ from the dashboard itself as per your need. If you don’t find a plan that suits you, please reach out to us.

10 Can I try ModeMagic for free?

Sure! You can sign up for our Free Pack and get a makeover for 10 images for free. If you see the benefits, which we are confident you will, you can check out the other packs we offer.

11 Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes. We don’t charge you upfront while sending you the invoice at the month’s end. So we can issue a credit memo in case of any refunds.

12 What do I do if I don’t like the work?

Simple! Please email us your comments and feedback. We will rework the photos for FREE until you have a smile on your face. But 99% of the time, our users are happy with the end result!

13 Can I get the edited images back when I reinstall the app after uninstalling it?

YES. But we request you to please send us an email too so that we can help you recover the images you had previously worked on, faster.

14 I have some product label suggestions for you. Could I send them across?

Our Shopify experts add new conversion product labels to ModeMagic every week. We have a product label for every season, sale, trend and purpose. But if you don’t like the current collection or did not find one that you need, you can reach out to us. Write to us at hello@. We’ll be glad to hear from you!

15 How can I contact the ModeMagic team if I need more help?

No matter how big or small the problem is, you can reach out to us at any time at hello@.